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Motion Showreel

Some of the things I can make move

A look at the motion design I has produced for clients, films and myself.

Design for Godhead Film

Pre-production and post-production work for Andrew Neylon's film 'Godhead'

This film is centered around a woman looking to rescue her long lost son from the dangers of a cult he has attached himself to.

Here are examples of the work done with the director in order to build the world and story as well as sell the film.

Printed Materials

Design IRL

A glance at some of my favorite materials that made it to a printer. 

Certain projects were printed in-house while others needed to be printed remotely.

Abstract Artwork

About as weird as it gets.

A series of my favorite personal pieces. All of these pieces were designed in 2022 for no other purpose than for myself.

These pieces feature heavy compositing, bizarre typography, poetry, as well as custom drawings and design.


Branding for Camp Walk Along

A podcast about best buds walking from Texas to Montana

Starting just from their logo, I built their brand and style to fit their unique personalities and ultimate goal. Designing for a brand that is meant to be heard and not seen meant the brand had to really stand out and be easily identifiable at a glance to even new listeners.